Apprentice & Associate Requirements


Required Credits:

To obtain Diplomate status, Apprentices and Associates must complete the following credits.

750 required credits:
200 -- 600 level courses
200 -- 700 level
200 -- ELE
110 -- 900 level or other 
  40 -- Lecture Workshop

Please keep in mind that these are ASO credits and these are the credits required for completion of the ASO Education Program for Apprentices and Associates to achieve Diplomate status. Apprentices and Associates are the only members who accumulate ASO credits.

Regarding the Experience Level Exams (ELE):

Apprentices and Associates are eligible to take their first ELE based on the pathway in which they are enrolled. Please refer to page 26 of the ‘Bylaws and Rules of the ASO’ for detailed information.

Levels I, II and III of the ELE are offered at every meeting. There will be a minimum of 12 months between each testing of these levels. The only exception is if a member requires a retake, this can be taken at the next available opportunity.

ELE IV is a practical exam. You can request your ELE IV package upon successful completion of ELE III. It is not necessary to wait 12 months before taking ELE IV.

Regarding the Lecture Workshop:

During the course of their education, Apprentices and Associates are required to complete three oral presentations and one written article. The oral presentations must be between three and five minutes in length on a topic related to the field of ocularistry.

Regarding the Student Article:

A minimum of 400 words, an abstract or summary of the article’s findings (100 words or fewer), be of a subject directly related to ocularistry, contain at least two photographs or illustrations plus a photo caption page (each caption should be labeled with corresponding numbered photo/illustration), and have a minimum of two properly constructed references (references should be from journal articles or books, not websites), and an author contact page. Your article is to be submitted as a hard copy or email attachment and sent to Joe LeGrand c/o The ASO Education Committee, and must be received 30 days prior to the next meeting to be considered for graduating.

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