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A Supervising Ocularist is responsible for all work performed by the Intern.  Supervising Ocularists must agree to the following:

·         Direct supervision for the first 6,000 hours (three years)
          Direct supervision means the supervisor is in the office during all times when the Intern is interacting with patients.

·        Indirect supervision following the above direct supervision timeframe. 

          Indirect supervision means the supervising Ocularist inspects all final shells and prosthesis made by the Intern.

·         Support the Intern in all aspects of Ocularistry.

·         Must maintain membership in ASO as a BADO in good standing so long as they are a Supervising Ocularist.

·         Keep informed of the progress of your Intern during their enrollment in the College.

·         A COO Supervisor is defined as an ASO Board Approved Diplomate Ocularist (BADO) or other person who has been approved by the COO Administration 

          and the ASO Board of Directors as an educational supervisor.

·         The COO Supervisor must:

1.      Ensure that all supervised training is in the physical presence of the Supervisor.

2.      Provide all documentation required by the COO in order to verify that training requirements are met.

3.      Have no more than two (2) Interns in training under supervision at any one time.

4.      Be able to provide sufficient hours of supervised training so that the Supervised Intern Ocularist may complete the Educational Program in the              prescribed maximum time period for their educational category.

5.      Provide written notice of the termination of the Supervised Intern Ocularist relationship to the Executive Director of the American Society of                  Ocularists, within thirty (30) days of such termination.

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